Friday, March 16, 2012

Last night, as I was happily Pinning away, I was bombarded with the awful news that a carload of teenagers was involved in a wreck.  The teens are from my hometown.  A town of about 2000 people, and where, everyone knows personally, or knows of everyone.

Tragically, one teen, lost his life last night.  He was 16 years old and the son of one of my friends. I cannot imagine the loss she must feel.  

Another family, one that I am just acquaintances with, have 3 kids in the hospital.  2 out of surgery, recovering, and one waiting for the surgeries yet to come.  

I have to say, I hugged my little ones a little tighter last night.  I haven't talked to my oldest in quite awhile, but sent him just a little note of 'I love you' on Facebook this morning.  

I just pray that the mom doesn't lose her faith in Jesus.  He is truly the Great Healer and can and will lead her through this. 

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