Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Stalking (Knife Block Redo)

I get into so much trouble blog stalking hopping.  In fact, my husband told me yesterday he is afraid to come home; he never knows what will be painted next. :)  He's so funny.

I saw this and knew I had to attempt it.  My knife block is very old. I don't even think all my knives match.  No, I know all my knives do not match. {embarrassed}
 Now, I had to Google 'St Croix Colors' to see if it was of any significance. :)  Found out, apparently, this was from Fingerhut.  I have not had a Fingerhut catalog in my house in the 10 years that DH and I have been married. So, that leads me to believe that this was either inherited from me before us or from him before us.  Follow that?

Anyway..I started out with my handy dandy 100 grit sand paper and sanded by hand for a while.  I quickly decided that the hand held would make my job much easier.  Here is after one coat of black spray paint.
 Who doesn't craft with kitty?
It became clear, that the sanding was not going to suffice.  'St Croix Colors' was still there. :(  I was going to have to use wood filler.
I have a hard time with wood filler, and my maintenance man is at work.  Well, here goes nothing.
I think I did okay.  I can say, that it did sand out fine.  I may need some pointers on how to use wood filler. And how to sand.  And possibly how to paint without getting all over the place.

Anyhoo.  As you can see, I also painted it red.  I really like how it came out. Especially after I 'roughed' it up a bit and let some of the black show through. :)

I wanted to add our initial 'B' to it, too.  I am a good copycatter student. :p  I opened up my Photoshop and created it, then I transferred it to the block with carbon paper and hand-painted it with black paint.
 Here it is nestled in it's place right between my Keurig and spice rack.

**updated 5/22/12

Well, turns out  didn't like the black on red so much.  I think it was too bright a red.  Maybe it was that the B was actually ugly. LOL.  IDK, but I decided I did not like it anymore.

So, I sanded it again and painted it black. Again.  I'm going to admit that I'm not the best crafter on the planet, and hand-painting isn't my 'thing'. Yet.

I like to use stencils, so I made my own 'reverse' stencil using Snappy Script Light.

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