Monday, June 11, 2012

Menu Monday June 11-17

I know, I know, it's been awhile since the Menu Monday post.  I can tell you that my grocery bill has suffered tremendously for it.  In fact, the last two trips, we didn't even have a list.  That was horrifying.  I We suffered from sticker shock.

So, I'm back to making menus and buying for the menus.  Even with my maintenance man with me, we still saved a boat load of money doing it this way.  


Ranch Pork Chops (crock pot)*


Taco Salad


Creamy Rainbow Pasta and Garlic Chicken*


Grilled Porkchops (Foreman)
Creamy Cheesy Potatoes *
summer squash


Country Fried Steak
Mashed potatoes
Green beans


Honey-Mustard Pork Chops (grill)
Smokey Cheddar Potatoes


Grilled Lime Chicken
Grilling Beans

Well, there ya have it.  Our menu for the week.  Oh I guess I should explain; the * means it's a new recipe so I will give a report if the fam liked it or not.  

Over this past weekend, we had some wonderful new grilling recipes too.  Bacon-wrapped Hamburgers were a big hit.  I was really surprised when even the 5 year old opted to have bacon on his as well.  Then, on Sunday we had Honey Pecan Grilled Chicken, Whoa!  Baby!  That was good!  


  1. Pork chops sound so good!

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  2. I'll be at your house Friday :o) I can't tell you the last time I had Country Fried Steak .... such comfort food!

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    I'm looking forward to Thursday's meal! Cheesy potatoes! Yum!