Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Party

Yesterday was hunny bunny's birthday. I made him 'The Best Chocolate Cake' with 'The Best Frosting' so named by Mel's Kitchen Cafe. It was really good. Pretty easy to make too:

You can find the cake recipe here, and the recipe for the Magically Delicious Frosting here.
I did realize that after standing with my hand mixer for approximately 10 minutes, that my need for a stand mixer has outweighed my want for a Keurig brewer. That makes me sad...But I digress.
I also made Tuscan Garlic Chicken for his birthday dinner. It was a great meal! I would tweek the recipe just a little by using angel hair pasta instead of fettuccine, and I would use chicken tenders instead of whole breasts. This recipe is also found at Mel's here.
All in all I think hunny bunny really enjoyed his birthday evening.

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