Thursday, February 17, 2011

My nest is getting bigger.

My house feels so much bigger these days. Tyler, my eldest, moved out on his 17th birthday to live with my parents.
My daughter, Kristen, the only girl, got married on Friday.

Here she is before the ceremony:

You may notice a baby bump. She is approximately 32 weeks along. They have picked a name: Cameron Daniel.

And a couple more pictures from the happy day:

So my house feels bigger, but my heart feels smaller. It was too early to feel this way. They were too young to leave the nest, but I know they will be fine. God has his plan for them and for me. I just have to sit back and let him lead me into it.

So, now there are 4 people in my house. I still have a hard time cooking for 4 instead of 6. I still have a hard time getting 4 plates instead of 6. I still have a hard time with doing laundry for 4 instead of wait, that is a plus! :) They still have a place here at their home. They will always be welcomed. I love them today as I loved them the days they were born. With each passing day, it becomes easier. With each passing day, I learn to enjoy my boys while they are still young and not ignore them. This is a very hard lesson learned. It is much better to wait to have children when YOU are mature. That way you have the time for them, the time to nurture and love them. Other things are not my priority now, they are.

I am fortunate now, to continue to stay at home with them. I am home schooling Kolby and he just aced a 3rd grade math assessment! That is the joy of home schooling. We have been working for 3 weeks and with the one-on-one attention he gets, we can complete many assignments a day. But, that is a different post.....

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