Friday, February 18, 2011

How do they do it?

I sit here in the afternoon and look through blogs from mothers who home-school. Their blog is so precise, and orderly. Their houses are so precise and orderly. Their kids are so precise and orderly...You get the picture. And I can't help thinking to myself..."How do they do it?" Some have time to write books, or create digiscrap kits to sell. Do these women sleep? They must be robots.

Here is an average Dana day...we get up and have breakfast. Kolby and I sit down at the kitchen table for some math lessons, and Riley decides that his Mario Kart is more important than anything else. So, I sit Riley down with crayons and a coloring page.....he makes one mark on the paper..and 'I'm done.' So on goes Mario Kart....Kolby and I finish our lessons for the morning, only to remember that I have nothing planned for lunch AND nothing set out for dinner.

I know, it's all in the planning, but there again, when do they find time to plan? My goal for next week is to make a daily plan and stick to it.

But, I did find a craft that Riley loves...fingerpainting.....of

He is pretty good at it, and doesn't make too big of a mess! YAY!! He uses the brush because he is just that OCD about his hands getting dirty.

Bonus picture of Kolby. He is one handsome little dude.

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