Friday, April 13, 2012

Mommy Wars...Give Me a Break!

I don't even know where to start with this post.  It makes me so mad that women everywhere are judged for their decisions after becoming a mommy. 

Hilary Rosin has taken a lot of criticism for her remark that Ann Romney 'hasn't worked a day in her life'.  Now, she has admitted that it was a poor choice of words {um, ya think}, and she was trying to make the point that she can't relate to the hard financial times women face.

I cannot take a side on this 'war'.  I have been on both sides. 

It is hard when you leave your child at home, sick, then go to work {at a pediatrician's office, no less} and take care of other people's sick kids.  It is hard when your child 'graduates' from Kindergarten, and you miss it because you are at work. What about your child's first baseball game?  Missed it because I was working.

On the flip side, I have had to tell my kids no more now when they ask for bigger toys.  Those are now for special occasions instead of an everyday treat.  We don't get to eat out as much, as we are on a stricter budget now. 

I have noticed that women start getting very defensive when answering the question; "what do you do?"  Even Ann Romney stated it was ' choice to stay at home....'  We feel we have to explain what we do.  I stay at home because.... I work because.... Why?

I guess the biggest thing that gets under my skin is when people say you don't work, you stay at home.  What?!?! I don't work? Um, what would you call it?  I only dream of sitting around eating Bon-Bons and drinking Champagne.  We are cook, maid, launderer, chauffeur, photographer, vet, butt-wiper, teacher, seamstress (sometimes), CFO, CEO,  IT Mom and kisser of the boo-boos in the home we run. Oh yeah, and we keep our husbands satisfied. And all for no payment.  Unless you count kisses (which I do, so I'm rich).
^^^^look at me, defending my decision. :)

I missed so much in my older kid's lives.  Milestones that will never come back.  I regret that much more than a missed paycheck. 

That's my humble opinion, though.

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