Monday, August 13, 2012

Wild Weather

Being from Texas, I am used to some wild weather.  Last night was a prime example of that.

It was hot yesterday.  104 at 7:30...yikes!  And humid.  I should have know something was going to happen because all the kitties were hunkered down in the house...all day.  Very unusual for our kitties.   I have the Weather-bug app on any and all electronic we have in the house.  Well, about 8:30, they all started going crazy.  With all their different alert tones, it even sounded crazy.  Sure enough, severe thunderstorm warning for us.

I love to watch weather as it comes in. This one was intense. I ran inside to grab my camera...only to find the battery was dead.  Great!  No pictures. Boo! We sat outside for about 30 minutes.  It was hot. It was still.

I managed to snap this particular picture with my phone.

Yikes!! Frightening Lightening.  And it was...turned out the lightening and the wind were the worst of this storm.  We lost the roof off the front porch.  Luckily, it is was detached from the rest of the house..but the wind picked it up, cleared the rest of the house with it and tossed it into the field behind the house!  THAT is when my Maintenance Man got skittish.  (he NEVER gets skittish-I'M the one who is ready to run during a storm). So, we got the boys re-dressed just in case we needed to leave the house. (not 100% sure of where we were going, but I'm sure he had a plan).  

Just an insight of how bright the lightening was...we live in the country, so we have a security light by our house.  It turned off several times because it thought it was daylight! 

We were still in the house when ZIP, ZAM...dark.  Lightening struck the transformer outside our house.  Great!  One disadvantage of loving Scentsy?  Yup!  No candles!  MM managed to find a couple and lit them, and of course, we had the flashlight and the phones for light.  

The storm passed without much more excitement and the Oncor guy finally showed up at about 10:30 to get the electricity back up and running.  With all that craziness, we got to bed about 11.  So, I'm tired this morning.  It seems I'm always tired. lol.  

Oh..we received about .90 of an inch of wonderful rain.  

I'm hoping to get back to some regular blogging tomorrow. :) 


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely night ;) Glad to hear the worst of it was a power outage ... And the roof of your front porch coming off - I would have been freaking out!

    1. It was nerve-wrecking! I'm usually the one freaking out, but, for some reason I was calm. lol

  2. Boy, sounds like quite a night. Hope tonight is more peaceful

    1. I hope so too. Thanks, Carole. We needed the rain, tho.

  3. You must live in the same metro area as we do!! :) I'm so jealous though! Not of you losing your porch roof, but of the rain! We had the clouds but that was it! I was actually hoping for rain!! But I know it did get bad in some areas so I'm glad that y'all were safe!

  4. Hey, Dana thank you so much for following Carole's Chatter. Cheers