Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Brother's Love

We started our 4th of July with sadness.  We learned that my husband's brother passed away.  He succumbed to cancer.  He departed this World pain-free and on to a new life free from cancer.

This brother lived with us for a while after Maintenance Man and I were married.  He was so much fun to be around.  

We are going to miss him.  Sadly, the boys and I are not going to get to make the trip to Michigan.  Maintenance Man and his other brother will be going alone.

A brother's love is never to be reckoned with.  Brothers will band together in the worst of times.  And, I think this quote sums it up.

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I know that my husband looks up to his brothers just as if they were superheroes.  Rest in Peace, Dear Brother.

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