Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From Creamer Jar to Straw Holder

I have been trying to use up my 'honey, I'm going to use that' pile.  But, coming up with crafty things to do can be a bit challenging.
They say 'necessity is the mother of all invention'.  Have you ever wondered who 'they' are? I do, sometimes.  
While making the 5 year old 'blue juice' or chocolate milk, I was digging through the junk drawer for a straw.  What a mess!  The straws were scattered all over in that drawer.  I had emptied my jar of creamer just last week, and thought it would make the perfect straw holder. {I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, but I like to think I am :)} I apologize now for the crappy photography. 

Gather your materials:
scrapbook paper or scrap material (I made my own scrap book paper)
Spray adhesive
old creamer jar
I started by spraying the jar with the adhesive and working the paper around the jar.
Once I finally got it around the jar (without my fingers attached), I cut out 'straws' that I printed using Howser font at 36 pt and glued that on as well.

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