Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cinnamon Toast and Pinterest

I had a toaster oven.  It was with me for many years and through many moves.  My toaster oven died last year. I have not been able to make cinnamon toast since my beloved toaster oven went to toaster oven heaven; or the trash...whichever you may believe. :) I was perusing Pinterest this morning and came along an awesome Pin from one of my internet friends. In this pin, it shows several; 12 to be exact; creative ways that will change your life.  Well what an appropriate pin!  #10 changed my life, well it changed my morning at least. For cheese toast, turn the toaster sideways to keep the cheese from sticking to the sides.  Well, just substitute cinnamon toast for cheese toast and 'so the cinnamon won't fall off' for cheese sticking to the sides, and voila:
Cinnamon toast without a toaster over.  I love you Pinterest!

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