Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Pioneer Woman...possibly the world's best blog

I spent the afternoon catching up on some blog reading. I should have been cleaning house, but little things like that can wait, right?

I started with  Ok I started and never moved.  I really love her.  She has this style of writing that makes you feel like you are on her ranch in OK with her.  Watching and learning as she snaps her shots. 

I have learned about Photoshop from her.  That is, in fact, the first place I ever downloaded an action from back in 2008.  I didn't venture beyond the photoshop section of her site, until recently.

She cooks.  She cooks wonderful, delectable, and probably fattening dishes.  I don't care about the latter.  And her photography makes all her dishes look amazing.  I'm super excited because she is hosting a new cooking show on The Food Network starting in August!  YUM!
She has also posted pictures of her kitchen that would make any woman lust for her kitchen.  Beautiful, but functional.

She has wonderful giveaways.  I have never won, but I keep entering.  One day, I know she will see my name and say 'oh, that's Dana!  I love her, she just has to win." Haha! 

She's funny.  She seems very approachable.  She even has little sub sections called keeping it real where she showcases a picture from her life.  Like one of her 'keeping it real' pictures is one where she hadn't swept for a week and what she picked up.  Do I believe that she hadn't swept for a week?  Or, that she doesn't have someone sweep for her? No. But that is what makes her seem so down-to-earth.

I'm happy that I wasted a complete day catching up on her blog.  Now to wait for August 27th, so I can watch her on TV.

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