Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kolby's Third Grade Curriculum

It's that time again. Almost July and time to start thinking about the new school year. So, here is our written 3rd Grade Curriculum:

1st nine weeks
2nd nine weeks
3rd nine weeks
4th nine weeks
Review of Phonics rules, vowels, consonants, blends, and clue words, silent and oral reading
Phonics review, accuracy and rate, compare and contrast, drawing conclusions
Reading different genres, prediction of outcomes, fiction book reports
Sequencing, finding main ideas, non-fiction book reports
Language Arts
Sentences, nine capitalization rules, periods, commas, writing leads, characters
Writing good sentences, forming plurals, contractions, letters and addresses, order
Dictionary skills, book reports, verbs, nouns, subjects, quotation marks, voice
Book reports, diagramming subjects and verbs, proofreading skills, adjectives
Review all cursive letters of the alphabet
Dictated sentences
Bible verses
Word books, one-two-and three syllable words, consonant blends
Consonant and vowel digraphs, diphthongs
Silent letter combinations, words with r-controlled vowels, homonyms
Context clues, compound words
Multiplication/division, measuring length, time, addition and subtraction facts, addition with carrying
Multiplication tables, story problems, greater than-less than-and equal to, 3 digit dividends
Fractions, temperature, add and subtract measures, multiplication/division tables, geometric shapes
Multiplication and division, reducing fractions, multiplying 3 digit numbers, division with 2 digit divisors
Social Studies
Current events, time lines, local and state government
Family trees, currents events, three branches of government

Geography, maps, economics, American heritage notebooks, Christopher Columbus to Jefferson

Biography book reports, bio presentation and project, Revolutionary and Civil wars, economics/Mall day

Learn about safety during scientific investigations, scientific method
Construct maps, graphs, and tables, science history, use a microscope, balance scale

Study of plants and animals, forces, liquids, solids, gases

Solar system and sun, eco systems, renewable/non-renewable resources

Peter and the Early Church

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
The Resurrection Story

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob


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