Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's Top Ten

Here's is this weeks list of my top ten things I would change about myself:

1. My judgmental attitude. Matthew 7 says it all. Until I am a perfect being and do not have any faults, who am I to judge other people and their ways of life, choices...etc.
2. To get up and moving! I can identify with the commercial when the lady says she was sharing a blood supply with her sofa. :O|
3. To really enjoy my kids more. They are only little once and as Trace Atkins says; Your Gonna Miss This.
4. Please step away from the Face Book! Pretty self-explanatory.
5. Self-pity to the curb. I have a tendency to really feel sorry for myself when I shouldn't. I am the best me I am.
6. Be a better wife. I think I have improved on this, but would have to think that I could always be a better listener when hunny bunny is talking.
7. Call my mother more. She has forgotten she has a youngest daughter, but that doesn't mean I have forgotten I have a mother.
8. Stop procrastinating and start doing more writing, designing, playing...refer to #2. lol
9. Get out of my shell and make some friends. It can get lonely living in a new town. I need to get up and out and say hi to some folks. How in the world can I expect to sell my Scentsy if I can't even look a stranger in the eye?
10. Love myself as Jesus and my husband love me. I wish I could see what my husband sees when he looks at me.

That's it. A little insight into what I think needs to be changed about me.

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