Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well. I'm not one to want a hand-out, but I was an irresponsible pet owner and let my kitty get out and get pregnant. Well, apparently cute cuddly kitties aren't as easy to get rid of as everyone lets on. So, I called the Great City Hall today to request the Animal Control Officer come get my kitties. I was informed by the girl on the phone that there is a $50.00 charge per surrendered animal. WTF!?!?!?! Ok I pay my taxes like everybody else; I am a law abiding citizen. I just happen to have an irresponsible kitty. :o).

{begin rant}So, now, I am faced with a decision of what to do with these kittens. They eat a lot of cat food, and the are pooping thru a small box of litter in about 3 days. I can't afford them. We won't do anything drastic, but there are people who would. What are those people supposed to do? What about the people who can't afford the $50.00 an animal to surrender their animal? What do they do? I'll tell you what they do, they drop. They kill unnecessarily. All because City Government wants to be greedy. They are there to do a service to their constituents, but all for a price, right? But they will be the first to get enraged when a litter of kittens, or puppies are found on the side of the road, hopefully still alive to only end up where? yeah at the pound. UGH!!!{end rant}

Just got some good news about the kitties, one of Tyler's friends is coming by and she may take two!! Woot! Now only 2 more. They are super-duper cute, so if you are reading this, consider adopting one of our kitties!

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