Friday, June 11, 2010

Have you ever wondered......

Just how you do it everyday> I sure do. Nurse, chauffeur, chef, maid, doctor...the list is never-ending:
Yesterday, dear husband was out working on a tin roof. A piece of tin cut the tip of his finger. He calls me and just tells me to go to the pharmacy and pick up some steri-strips, gauze and tape. Ok, list taken and bought. 2 hours later, he gets home. We take the make-shift bandage off his finger, for me to find that this is more than just a little cut. A huge chunk of his middle finger is gashed out. Gross. Well, we all know how men are about being hurt, or sick. He won't let me touch it. So he is trying to clean up his right finger when he can't do anything with his left hand...stubborn....We finally got it cleaned up, bandaged and wrapped after about an hour. Then, only to have him realize (well decide) that he was going to need help bathing...poor baby....I think it was his way of getting attention and wanting a 'bed bath' LOL! :o)
While my living room had been turned into an ER, I did manage to make supper; tacos; yummy. The only problem...all of the kids saw Wayne's finger and all lost their appetite.
My oldest son lost his job at Dairy Queen, so my parents have put him to work. They need all the trim on their house painted. He started yesterday. He said he got most of it scrapped but it got to hot. That is the bad thing about Texas, hot humid days.
Well that is my day summed up.

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