Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boys will be boys

Riley and Kolby are outside catching pill bugs or rolly pollies what ever you call them. They're some of the biggest bugs I've ever seen!
I often think that boys are taken,in utero, to a special class to teach them certain things. All boys are fasinated by bugs, know how to make truck sounds and how to pull pony tails. Oh yeah and how to make a gun out of anything; fingers, sticks, you name it. It always goes along with the 'pfft' or 'pow' sound effect. Where do they get it?!?
I am a girl with two sisters and only know about girl things so all this boy stuff eludes me. But, bless their hearts, they think I'm just as interested in the little pill bugs as they are. So I do what any great mom would do; I look in their bowl from a distance and smile and say "that's wonderful,Darling."

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