Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fruit Smoothies

I love yogurt.  Fruit yogurt, plain  yogurt, greek yogurt. Any kind of yogurt. So, when it comes to smoothies, I plop it in.

My family, however, is anti-yogurt.  They will not drink a smoothie.  Until now....

Peach-Orange-Strawberry Smoothies


2 cups milk
1 cup frozen peaches
1 cup frozen strawberries
12 oz OJ concentrate (I used this frozen as well)
1/4 cup powder sugar
2tsp vanilla extract
10-12 cubes of ice

Combine everything except the ice in a blender.   Blend until smooth.  If needed for extra thickness, add the ice cubes.  You might find that they aren't needed.  

Pour into chilled glasses.


Edited to add: Kolby loved these so much, he had the leftovers for breakfast!

I concocted this recipe for a linky party that I didn't get signed up for in time.  But, you can check out all the other smoothie recipes here.
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  1. I'm so sorry you missed joining the party :/ I love the idea of adding peaches - they just scream summertime to me! The yogurt - it always amazes me what people think they don't like ... until you hide it from them ;) I hide all kinds of stuff from my kiddos! Hope you have a great weekend. I'm pinning this to try :)

    1. Thanks, Jamie! I'm hoping I'll get to join next month.

  2. New follower from Feed Me Friday. Your smoothies look great. Have to try it! Love for you to follow back when you get a chance ;)

  3. Hi. Found your blog on Naptime Review Blog Hop. Have you ever tried Dates in a smoothie instead of sugar? We use it in our smoothies and they are awesome!