Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You + Me

I see so many cute ideas on Pinterest on how to display home states.

 I love this idea.  It seems to work better if you and your mate came from different states; but, my home state, Texas is big enough to support 2 hearts.  So, here's where I open Photoshop.

I created 2 new 5x7 inch canvas with a transparent background.  A quick Google search led me to Photoshop Custom Shapes in what?  You guessed it!  The United States of America.  Perfect.

I created my state; Texas in white.  Not sure how that would show up on white card stock (ha!  It won't), I used the rectangle shape to create a blue background around it then lowered the opacity to around 50%.  This way, the little inlets in the bottom right corner off the Gulf of Mexico would look like water.  Then, using my custom heart shape, I created 2 hearts; one for Texas and one for Michigan.

I did the same thing for Michigan, and printed both on card stock.

Then I cut out the shapes and used spray adhesive to secure them to a piece of yellow construction paper.  Using double sided tape, I secured the hearts on the place of our births.  (I had to Google where hubby's town was located-bad wife).  Then I added a plus sign with a black sharpie and put it in a freshly painted frame.

It has it's place on our bedroom wall next to a framed quote I made last year and a cross that my best friend gave me.

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