Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fave Five(s)

I have been busy this week!  My Photoshop has been very active.  I will have a ton more things to post next week. YAY!

This week's Friday Fave Five is all about PW.  You know her.  She's great.  She's funny.  She's my idol.  I wish she were my sister. or Mom. or friend.  So here are my 5 Fave Recipes from PW Cooks!

#5 Fried Round Steak

Get this fried wonderfulness here

#4  Mini Meatball Sandwiches

What are you waiting for? Go get this recipe.

#3 Oatmeal Whoopie Pies

I bet these are as good as they look! Go find them.

#2 French Toast with Berry Butter

Raspberries and Butter AND french toast? Greatness!

 #1  Knock you Naked Brownies

Something about Chocolate that'll make your clothes fall off. Pure Genius.

Well, there you have it.  I just know, if I go wander around her site, I'll rethink my list.  ALL of her recipes are great! I'm thinking about making some iced coffee this weekend since it's already getting too hot for hot coffee.  Oh yeah, she makes that too.  Perfect Iced Coffee  but, you already knew that, didn't you. 

Have a happy weekend! See ya Monday.

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