Monday, May 14, 2012

Featured~ and a Lazy Monday

I am super excited!  My post on Chicken Crescent-Roll Casserole was featured on both the sites I shared them on!  I'm just getting the hang of the blog-world, but I am honored that so many people clicked on my recipe.  Thank you!

This weekend has been so nice.  Temps have been in the 70s -80s and rainy.  We went fishing on Thursday.  We didn't catch anything, but had a great time.  Riley has been super-excited to fish since catching a 10 pound blue-cat.

I have several crafting ideas roaming around in my head, and since maintenance man has delivered all the tools back home, I am stoked to get started on them.  So, stay tuned for some great projects! 

Hope all my Mama friends had a wonderful Mother's Day.  In honor of that, I found this little funny running around on Facebook:

So true!  Have a great week!

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