Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Natural Cleaners

Have you ever gone to so many sites, that you just cannot remember where you first saw someone?  Oh..it's just me?  Can't be!
I stumbled upon Jaima Shutt one night while blog-hopping/Facebooking.  I popped over to her Facebook  page and 'liked' her.  Turned out, I was her 100th fan!  Yay me!  She is now well over 4000 likes.  Awesome job!  As a thank you, she sent me a sample of a Shaklee product Basic H cleaner.  It came in a tiny capsule.
I am a born skeptic.  So, my immediate reaction was 'yeah right'.  But, I decided to give it a try.  I emptied my bottles and went to work.
My Windex was gone and I needed something new in it anyway. :) 
I followed the directions to a tee.  For window cleaner, add 2 drops of Basic H to 16 oz of water.  2 Drops?!  That can't be right.  Then, 1/4 tsp of Basic H to 16 oz of water for general cleaner.  And off we went.
I started with the windows.  Between the 5 year old and the dog, they can get quite ugly.  Here is the one in the living room:
It's very hard for me to take pictures of windows or mirrors, but I think you can see all the smudges on there.  I sprayed it with the Basic H window cleaner concoction and wiped.
And again side by side:
I thought I would try my shower next.  We have been renting this house for over a year, and there are places that I'm positive the previous tenants/owners never touched with a cleaning rag.  The shower in our bathroom is one of those places.  I have tried everything.  Fumigated myself right out of the bathroom on several occasions. 
See?  Gross!  I like to pride myself in having a semi-clean house, and this does not make me proud.  I sprayed the door down with the Basic H general cleaner concoction and wiped.

Um, really?  That was all it took to get years of yucky scum off my shower door?  I'm impressed. Again, before and after side-by-side:
The only thing I didn't like about this cleaner was there is no fragrance whatsoever.  But, that may be a small sacrifice for an organic cleaner that actually works! 

Disclaimer:  I was provided a sample/thank you gift from a Shaklee Distributor and the opportunity to review it.   All opinions expressed are solely mine. 


  1. So amazing!!! LOVE your post! Thank you so much for doing a review! XOXO, Jaima

  2. I too use Basic H. Just purchased Basic G, which is a germicide. I add a couple drops of peppermint or Lemon or even orange essential oil to my Basic H All purpose cleaner. Not the window cleaner. It makes my house smell so fresh and clean. Love that stuff.