Monday, March 12, 2012

Adjustable String Friendship Bracelet

The wonderful lady at Molly O Designs has given a group of ladies the fabulous opportunity to try out kits for her.  MOD Ambassadors, as we are called, get the kits, then watch her instructional video, and create.

I received my first kit on Saturday.  Adjustable String friendship bracelets I was up bright and early this morning (ok bright and early by 'old' time standards) to work on my bracelets. 

Her videos are extremely easy to follow, even for a new crafter.  For the adjustable clasp, she uses a macrame knot.  I had never attempted macrame so I was lost, but once I got the hang of it, no problems!

Embarrassing admission: I ended up gluing my clasp to the actual bracelet, so neither of the shown bracelets are actually adjustable. :(  Something I will have to work on next time.
And the green one on my hand (ignore the ugly hand...just focus on the bracelet) :)

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