Monday, January 16, 2012

We Have a New Member to our Family

Kolby has been wanting a dog for a while now.  We have had several discussions about what kind of dog to get.  Wayne wanted big {ginormous} dog.  He was thinking Rott (yikes), or German Shepard (double yikes).  I wanted small dog {cutesy pootsey}.  You know; Pomeranian, Yorkie, or Corgi. 

Well, I guess, we compromised.  Here is Lady:

We got her a week ago.  She had a tough first weekend.  She had an allergy that her previous owners ignored.  So, to the vet she went.  She got a shot of Depo-Medrol and 14 days worth of Penicillin.  She's a very smart dog, and is getting harder and harder to get her to take her pill.

But, isn't she adorable?  I think so.

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