Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free sites

I love free homeschooling!  I have stumbled upon some sites that have some excellent information and worksheets; for free.  I am compiling them here for future reference:

TLS Books.comThis site has free printable worksheets for preschool thru 6th grade.

School Sparks  This site has wonderful preschool worksheets and great ideas for getting younger
children to write.

Worksheet Works This is just how it sounds. An amazing site with worksheets.  You can make you own.

Brightly Beaming Resources Letter of the Week  This site gives themes and a preschool curriculum.  It is great for the little ones.  Even gives a library book list to correspond with the theme.

In Texas, one of our requirements is a good citizenship course.  It is kind of hard to find, but PBS has put together it's videos with activity packs.

FreeWorldU is great if you are an unschooler.  This site uses a system of flash cards to teach your child.  It has a good citizenship course as well.  This site is great, especially if you need high school.  If you pay a small fee each month, you can graduate from this high school.

Lessons Pathways- We use this site for our reading and history.  It has great lesson plans and great activity ideas.

k12 and Connections Academy are public schools, online.  Since they are considered a public school, they do have attendance requirements and standardized testing is required.  They make those arrangements for you, though.  They send all the textbook and workbooks needed for the school year, and will even supply a computer if needed.  It looks like a great place to start if you are new to home schooling, or need a strict schedule.

Head of the Class is definitely a great supplement to any home schooling curriculum.  I used it solely for Kolby's curriculum for 2nd grade, but now this year, I do not feel it is intense enough.  I do use the worksheets and applications for him, though. A life-saver when it comes to the multiplication tables.  The games reinforce their multiplication skills with games and online tests.  Kolby had a blast with the penguin and fish games.

Starfall-  Riley has been using this site a lot this year.  It helps with ABCs and phonics.

We use PBS a lot for Riley.  We love the fact that the games are fun, so he doesn't even know he is learning.  Yesterday, he learned how to count chickens with Curious George and let Cookie Monster eat all the things that started with the letter C.

We also use Netflix.  We have the instant streaming on our account.  The Leap Frog movies; The Amazing Alphabet, Numbers Ahoy and Let's Go to School are all available there.

For record keeping:

Donna Young and Printable Homeschool- have everything printable. From lesson plan templates to report cards.

Homeschool Tracker is software for you PC.  Tracks your attendance and test scores.

Just Mommies- has printable report cards.  Available in 4 semester or 6 terms.  We used these for Kolby when I needed a 'transcript' for him to enroll in Connections Academy.

Well, there is a small list of free sites for your home school days. 

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