Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Perfect Brownie Pan

I love brownies. They are my favorite chocolate snack. I especially love the edges. Yum.. just a little bit of crunchy with a soft inside. Oh I'm drooling.
This weekend, the hubby bought The Perfect Brownie Pan. Well worth the investment. It comes with an 11X7 pan, dividers, insert for perfect serving and stencils.
I used a brownie mix. Duncan Hines to be exact.(I'm more partial to Betty Crocker..you know the one that comes with Hershey's chocolate syrup) But these we good too.
The only thing that is misleading: the ads all say non-stick pan, but you still have to spray the pan and dividers with cooking spray. Not a big deal since you would do this anyway.
The Perfect Brownie Pan..well worth the $19.99.

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