Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is It Hot Enough For Ya?

Wow.  I can't remember a hotter summer.  The skies are blue, no clouds.  The temperatures are high:

This is a screen shot from my Mac.  It's around 4:30PM. Look at that high...104˚.  No relief in site.  Look at those lows....80˚? For a LOW!  Unheard of.  Many in the country are enjoying highs in the 80's.

The DFW news says it's day 12 of triple digit.  I think we're above that here. 

No rain in site, well there's rain north east of us, waaayyyy NE of us.  But, this high pressure has locked us in and the rain just keeps bumping off. 

We live in the rural part of the county.  Our water comes from the lake.  Our water stinks.  Our water tastes bad. I'm scared of our water. 

We're hunkered down in the house, as we have been all summer.  The A/C is set on 81˚ and still running nonstop. 

Weatherman says we're under a heat advisory...yeah ya think?  Thanks, Captain Obvious. 

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